I am Editor-in-Chief of the cardiovascular scientific journal Heart Open

I am an associate editor for the journals:

– Heart

– Cochrane Reviews Group (Heart section)

I am on the editorial board of the following journals:

BMC Medicine


One of my major research interest is the evaluation of new technologies in the field of interventional Cardiology, such as stents, new drugs as well as the reduction of complications.

Further research interests:

Sudden cardiac arrest: This fatal event is often based on myocardial ischemia (coronary artery disease). The aim is to achieve a better understanding of the mechanisms and to improve the survival chance and the neurologic outcome, for example with induction of hypothermia.

The coronary collateral circulation: The collateral circulation of the heart is a system of  small interconnecting vessels, ‘natural bypasses’. The aim is to find ways to therapeutically induce the growth of such collateral to reduce the burden of coronary artery disease.

I have a postgraduate diploma in statistics and a special interest in  meta-analyses and in health economic evaluations.

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