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Drug eluting balloons State of the Art Session at EuroPCR meeting, Paris May 2013. Article in

Research articles and presentations which have been covered in the media:

Drug-eluting balloons are a good treatment option for instent-restenoses.

Article in the Wall Street Journal

Article in

Coronary collaterals can increase the risk for restenosis after stenting:

Article in

Article in the Wall Street Journal

Blog in BMC Medicine

Coronary collaterals improve survival

We have recently published our research project about the possible survival benefit of well-developed coronary collaterals in the European Heart Journal.

Article in the News

Daily MailDaily Express

Treatment of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest:

Presentation at The London Cardiac Arrest Symposium 2011

The treatment of cardiac emergencies: Articles published in Medscape (major online medical teaching platform) and in AmbulanceToday (the largest Ambulance journal in Europe).

Optimal cardiac arrest therapy (Medscape)

Summer 2012 issue (page 31)

Spring 2012 issue (page 9)

October 2011 issue (page 10)

Pre-predefibrillation chest-compressions may improve survival in certain patients with cardiac arrest.

We have published our research project in BMC Medicine where we showed that predefibrillation chest-compressions could improve survival chance for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest if the duration of the cardiac arrest is longer than 5 minutes.

Article in the News

Blog on Open Access Publishing

Comment in the Wall Street Journal

Our group has implanted the first PARACHUTE device in the UK

Article in Evening Standard

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